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It is often said that, when one door closes, another opens.
Like you, perhaps, we (your humble editors) spent most of our lives working for someone else. We spent decades producing hundreds of pages, thousands of photos and millions of words for some of the leading automotive and RV magazines in North America–and while the content we created was often of our own volition, it was sometimes at the behest of “upper management” who was usually more interested in satisfying the bottom line than educating and entertaining the readership.
Then something happened. As a shifting paradigm in the RV publishing industry began to take hold, we soon found ourselves in a terrifying position. We were told that RV “lifestyle” is what people want to read about now–and that technical articles and how-to tips that help people upgrade and maintain their RVs were “boring and dry.” We were dismayed. We were angry.

Then we were inspired.

We realized that, for the first time, we could create a publication that WE wanted, one we knew that there was a very real need for. The seeds for RV Enthusiast magazine were planted.

March 2021 Digital Magazine
The fact is, most people love their RVs, but don’t necessarily know how to fix, maintain or upgrade them to suit their particular needs. As a result, the service bays of most RV dealerships and repair centers are often flooded with motorhomes and trailers in need of some attention, creating a service backlog of a month or more. The good news is, we think you can fix most of these things yourself. Heck, we know you can. While diagnosing and/or repairing an ailing engine or transmission may be beyond the scope of your knowledge, the reality is that most of the issues that plague RV owners are small things–refrigerators that don’t cool, batteries that won’t hold a charge, plumbing that leaks. That is the mission of RV Enthusiast–to show you how to be a more accomplished do-it-yourself RVer.
So, who are we? Experienced journalists and RV junkies who can help you get it done. In fact, our staff is the most experienced group of technical writers ever assembled in one publication.

This core group will ensure that RV Enthusiast remains focused on the subjects that matter most to RVers–maintaining, repairing and upgrading their RVs and tow vehicles, plus helpful reviews, projects, industry news and more.

So, if you want to know about 6 Awesome Hot Dog Recipes, or 9 Ways to Keep Your RV Cozy, there are other magazines for that. But if you want to learn how to keep your RV in top shape for your next memorable journey, there’s only one.

We’re glad you found us.

Our Team
Bob Livingston
He’s basically our Dad. A Recreational Vehicle/Manufactured Housing (RV/MH) Hall of Fame inductee, Bob is perhaps the most experienced technical writer in the RV industry. He spent more than 40 years at Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines overseeing technical content, then ascended the company ladder to become Group Publisher. Bob is the author of Trailer Life’s RV Repair & Maintenance Manual (long considered the authority on RV repair for RV owners) and is also a recipient of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Distinguished Journalism award. Bob and his wife, Lynne, live full time in a fifth wheel trailer.
Bruce Hampson
Bruce is like the big brother you never wanted. But he’s also one of the best writers in print today. If it has an engine or tires, he has written about it–and his undying passion for all things technical led him to a career that included some of the nation’s top automotive, marine and RV magazines. He learned about the RV industry first hand as the longtime editor of RV Business magazine and later RV News, two top trade magazines.
Chris Dougherty
Technical Director
Think about your favorite teacher in high school–that’s Chris. He’s friendly, even tempered, and very, very knowledgeable. A Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association (RVDA) and RVIA certified RV technician, Chris wrote for a number of RV sources before spending the past few years as the Technical Editor for Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines. A lifelong RVer, including 10 years as a full-timer, Chris has owned or worked on every type of RV from pop-up to bus conversion. He is also an in-demand presenter at a number of RV rallies across the country, where he speaks on a number of technical topics. Chris and his wife, Karen, currently travel with a fifth wheel or truck camper.
Chris Hemer Headshot
Chris Hemer
Technical Editor
The official staff wise guy, Chris began his career in the automotive journalism field as a technical editor and features writer for a number of the nation’s best automotive titles. He later moved on to become the Technical Editor of Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines, then freelanced as a consulting editor for both publications. He also ran his own marketing firm, where he provided automotive and RV aftermarket suppliers with technical content and photography.
Jim Mac
Social Media Manager
Formerly the longtime marketing director of Keystone RV, who is overseeing RV Enthusiast’s social media effort
Chris Hemer Headshot
Sue Seidlitz
Advertising Director

Sue brings her sales acumen honed during more than 35 years at Trailer Life and MotorHome to the team as Advertising Director.

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