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People often ask us, “A digital publication? You mean one of those page-flip things?” Nope. We hate those, too.

We know that modern audiences, especially those in the RV space, want instant access to content on any device without downloads, app installs, or cluttered third-party newsstands. Each issue of RV Enthusiast will be loaded with helpful information for everyone–from newbies to seasoned veterans–and the entire issue is scrollable, so it’s easy to see and read. And, our publication design allows content to include not just text and imagery, but also video and interactive elements that will inform and entertain in every issue. All that for just $9.99 a year, or $18.99 for two years.

RV Enthusiast May 2021 issue preview on a laptop
Current Issue
May 2021
It’s travel season and it’s time to hitch up. The May issue of RV Enthusiast focuses on everything you need to do it right–from choosing the right tow vehicle and equipment, to determining safe weight, installing hitch systems and more. Plus, we’ll take a look at what it takes to properly prepare your RV for travel and show you how to boondock with panache.