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Yamaha Introduces New EF2200iS Portable Generator with Carbon Monoxide Sensor

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Accessories, News

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an ever present danger that every RVer should be aware of.
Anything that burns fuel can produce it–and that includes portable generators. Yamaha’s new EF2200iS is the first in Yamaha’s upcoming lineup of generators equipped with CO Sensor technology, which will automatically shut off the generator if elevated levels of CO are detected. The generator will then remain off for approximately five minutes, with indication that the generator needs to be moved to a well-ventilated space, according to the company. A new CO Sensor graphic and LED indicator lights on the control panel notify the user of carbon monoxide emission levels or system malfunctions.
EF2200iS portable generator with carbon monoxide sensor connections
Built with Yamaha inverter technology, the EF2200iS delivers 2,200 watts of clean power and its Smart Throttle load-sensing control enables the unit to run up to 10.5 continuous hours at a quarter-rated load with noise levels of just 57-65 dBA (about the same volume as human conversation). For more power, Yamaha’s Twin Tech parallel function allows two units to be connected for a combined output of 3,600 watts or 30 amps. The new Yamaha EF2200iS with CO Sensor is expected to begin arriving in dealers this August for $1,199 MSRP and will include a 3-year Yamaha limited warranty. For more information about the all-new EF2200iS, along with the rest of Yamaha’s generators and power products, visit www.yamahamotorsports.com/powerproducts
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