RV Enthusiast visits Liquid Spring at FMCA - RV Enthusiast Magazine

RV Enthusiast visits Liquid Spring at FMCA

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Podcast

RV Enthusiasts visits with the staff at Liquid Spring during the FMCA show in Perry, Georga.

Liquid Spring is an OE and aftermarket responsive liquid spring suspension system that can turn your Class A motorhome or Class C into the incredibly smooth ride of a diesel pusher. Sports car handling with a luxury car ride is how the company describes it. If you like your coach but not the ride, Liquid Spring is an option to get the best of both worlds without the 100K cost. www.LiquidSpring.com

The LiquidSpring Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System or CLASS® is a smart suspension system for ambulances, shuttle buses, RVs and military vehicles. Liquid-based struts and an onboard processor provide better handling and control when you need it, and a smoother, softer ride when you want it. The reduced vehicle vibration increases comfort and can also lower maintenance costs.

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