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A Temperature Monitor Can Maintain A Comfort Zone For Your Furry Friends

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Cool Gadgets, RVEXPERT

While camping in hot climates, a temperature monitor can maintain a comfort zone for your furry friends when you’re not there.

Camping is fun for humans in just about any climate, but RV interiors that become too hot or cold can make it uncomfortable — and even dangerous — for pets when they are left alone, with emphasis on summer temperatures. Most of us have air-conditioners, but in the event of a power or unit failure, inside temperatures can soar to unsafe levels. Keeping tabs on temperature while away from our RVs with fido inside can be done with a number of devices on the market; we chose a system by Waggle, formally called the Nimble Pet.

What sold me on the Waggle device is its connectivity via the Verizon 4G network — without the support of a cell phone or data card. It works independently, connecting to the Verizon network 24/7. The only caveat is possible service interruption when in fringe areas, but that rarely happens these days, especially when using a cell signal booster. Wi-Fi is not needed.

Waggle device up close
The Waggle Pet Monitor readout scrolls between temperature and humidity. It also shows battery condition and signal strength.
The Waggle mounted
The Waggle can be mounted anywhere inside your RV. This one (labeled “Nimble” before the name was changed) was positioned on a wall near a 120-volt AC outlet, where the device is plugged in.

The device is compact and can be used as a portable or mounted on a wall with the provided bracket. It’s powered by 120-volt AC service, and in the event of a power loss the rechargeable internal battery will keep it going for two days. Once the Waggle app is downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, the device is paired, the service is ready and the high/low thresholds (safety zones) can be set. When outside the safety zones, reporting alerts will be sent via the app, email and text. Temperature and humidity are continually displayed on the small screen in the device mounted in the RV, scrolling between the two values.

After using it for a few weeks, we determined that the numbers displayed on the screen were around 5 degrees F higher than actual temperatures. The likely reason for the discrepancy can be traced to the mounting location, which has restricted airflow but was chosen because of a nearby 120-volt AC outlet. Nevertheless, it’s just a simple matter of mentally adjusting the number displayed on the app or in the alert.

the Waggle app on a phone and the device side-by-side
The Waggle app allows the user to set temperature “safe zones” and see how hot or cold the environment is, and the relative humidity, at a glance. The app launches quickly and shows alerts, which are also transmitted via email and text.

Once the temperature dips below or exceeds the threshold values, an alarm is sent to your cell phone — and the device continues to send alerts until the temperature returns to the preset safe zone. Expect to see a long list of alerts, so long as the temperatures/humidity is outside the thresholds. Alerts can be turned off if no pets are at home. The device checks in every 15 minutes and the alerts are sent instantly; it will also notify you if power is lost.

The pet monitor with the display sells for $299, while a Waggle Lite costs $199; the main differences are the display screen and the ability to track the RV via GPS in the event the rig is stolen (another great benefit!). There’s a monthly fee to keep the service active, although it’s quite inexpensive when compared to the peace of mind it affords knowing your pets are safe. It’s only $12.50 a month when paid a year in advance, with other rates based on frequency. Utilizing auto pay prevents any lapse in service, especially for those who full time.

After three years of use, the device has proven to be reliable with very few instances where the signal was limited or lost. It’s one of those products that RVers with pets will learn to appreciate almost every day. And your pet(s) will thank you.

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