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Bantam-weight Grunge Buster

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Cool Gadgets, RVEXPERT

Dremel’s cordless Versa works wonders when it comes time to clean up tight spots in your RV
“Scrubbing” is profanity in my personal dictionary, but a necessary evil for RVers. We spend time scrubbing barbecues, bathtubs, toilets, wheels — you get the picture. One of the best discoveries I’ve made is the Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool, a handheld, cordless cleaning device that makes easy work of removing grime and stains from various surfaces.

Dremel is no stranger to building tools that streamline repair and craft projects. I use the company’s quintessential rotary tool for all kinds of projects. And, while it’s hard to beat the Dremel rotary tool for making light repairs and getting into close quarters, the Versa is quickly becoming my favorite because it fits ergonomically in your hand, is lightweight and can be fully charged in around two hours. It typically sells for about $67 on Amazon and comes with an eraser pad, non-scratch pad, heavy-duty pad, bristle brush, rubber splash guard and the base for attaching the pads. Replacement pads and other accessories are available online and at home improvement stores.

the Dremel Versa's parts and pieces organized on a surface including three cleaning pads for specific purposes, a base for the pad, a bristle brush and a rubber splash guard
The Dremel Versa is one of the most versatile tools for cleaning bathrooms and other areas in an RV. It’s also perfect for cleaning barbecue grills, wheels and patio furniture. The kit ($66.99 on amazon) comes with three cleaning pads for specific purposes, a base for the pad, bristle brush and rubber splash guard.

The eraser pad is non-scratch and designed for cleaning showers, sinks and other similar surfaces, but I found the bristle brush to be the most versatile for bathroom cleaning. A heavier, non-scratch pad is good for barbecue grills, while the heavy-duty pad is abrasive and can be used on tougher jobs where scratching is not a concern. The base for the pads and the bristle brush simply screw on to the threaded stud in the device.

view of the Dremel Versa with the bristle brush and rubber splash guard attached
The bristle brush makes short work of cleaning shower stalls and around obstacles too tight for using a rag. Like the base for the other pads, the bristle brush twists on to the threaded stud in the Versa tool.
two of the three different pads that come in the Dremel Versa kit on a surface
Pads “stick” to the base that’s fitted with hook-and-loop material. Changing pads only takes seconds. Additional pads ($24.99) and scrubber detail brushes ($14.97) can also be ordered, as can a case ($19.99) for containing the kit.
One of my least-favorite chores is cleaning the shower stall with all of its hard-to-reach crevices. For years, I struggled to remove debris and stains (mostly from hard water and rust) from tiny channels and hardware obstacles using a microfiber towel and a narrow wood tool to loosen stuck-on grime without marring the surface, but the Dremel Versa really improved the process — to the point where cleaning the shower is no longer top of my “dislike” list (wheels and wheelwells now rank first).

Cleaning the shower pan and walls takes about 30 minutes using the bristle brush and Voom, my favorite all-around cleaner from Roadmaster. I tried using the Versa’s splash guard, but it just got in the way when working in tight areas. Once the surface grime is broken up, a microfiber cloth removes all the residue.

a hand removes the rubber splash guard attachment from the Dremel Versa device
A rubber splash guard keeps overspray from the rotating bristle brush or pads at bay. While it does reduce the mess from spraying cleaners, it can get in the way. I preferred to clean up the mess using a microfiber towel.
the Dremel Versa, with the splash guard attached, held to the floor of and RV shower
The bristle brush works well around soap dishes, shower diverter valves and any other areas too hard to reach with a towel. Those with hand/arm issues related to repetitive motion will love the Dremel Versa.

The Versa is small, lightweight and requires little effort to guide. It’s best not to bear down on the brush or pad because the motor will slow down, but I never found that to be a problem since the brush and pads do all the work. The Dremel Versa checks off all the boxes for RVers: it’s lightweight, truly versatile and, perhaps most importantly, takes up very little room in your onboard toolbox.

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