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Charging Ahead

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Cool Gadgets, RVEXPERT

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Relying on multiple electronic devices is just part of life these days — but dealing with all those charging modules and cables can be frustrating, especially when only a few 120-volt AC receptacles are located inside the RV. Adding a plug-in adapter with multiple ports keeps you organized with less clutter.

I never thought that at my age I would have so many electronic gadgets, but the convenience of having these devices is just part of modern daily life — especially for full-time RVers. I certainly could not live without my phone, tablet, ear buds, computer and flashlights (not to mention all the ancillary charging accessories for my electric-assist bicycles).

Heck, I easily have more than a dozen devices that must be charged on a daily basis — and finding enough 120-volt AC power receptacles can be challenging. RVs typically are fitted with multiple duplex-only outlets (and some are mounted in less-than-ideal locations), making it necessary to scatter chargers all over the place.

I found an adapter on Amazon that makes it possible to charge all my devices from one location. It’s called a “USB Wall Charger Surge Protection 5 Outlet Extender” but if you search for “Addtam wall charger” you’ll find it listed on Amazon for only $17.95. This product features four USB ports (with one being a USB C outlet), rated for a total of 4.5 amps of charging; three ports provide 2.4 amps, while the USB C outlet is rated for 3 amps. It also has five 120-volt AC power outlets with wide spacing, which come in handy if a higher-power charging module is needed. Surge protection is rated at 1,800 joules, so the need for a power strip is eliminated. Total 120-volt AC current is 1,500 watts. I do wish there were a couple more USB C ports included, since that’s where most electronic devices are going these days.

Installation is completely plug-and-play as the adapter is designed to fit into any standard duplex outlet and can be moved at will. The compact design makes it possible to plug the adapter into outlets mounted in close quarters, commonly found in RVs. Plus, the adapter is available either in white or black to complement most interiors, and similar models also feature a sensor with a night light option.

a hand holds the Addtam wall charger, with the three prongs visible, up to an unused outlet
The USB wall charger adapter simply plugs into any standard duplex 120-volt AC outlet. It’s small enough to fit into close-fitting spaces typically found in RVs.
a finger points to the USB C outlet on the Addtam wall charger
Plugging in the adapter converts a standard duplex outlet into a multi-device charging station. This model features three standard USB ports, one USB C outlet and five 120-volt AC outlets that are rated for 1,500 watts (total maximum output) and have wide spacing for plugging in larger charging modules.

Rarely do all my devices require charging at the same time, but with this power adapter I no longer need to dig out the individual charging modules, which take up a lot of room and require more 120-volt AC outlets than I have available in a single location. While one of these power adapters could suffice, I found it convenient to install another one near the nightstand in the bedroom to plug in the electric blanket, alarm clock and phone, which gives me access if an emergency call was necessary. You can also easily plug in a CPAP breathing machine without routing an extension cord if the standard outlets are busy.

the Addtam wall charger supporting various types of charging cords connected to devices sitting on a counter
Just about anything can be charged via the wall adapter, but total output will limit how many at one time. This image illustrates the variety of devices that can be charged from one location, and there is no need for a power strip since this adaptor has built-in surge protection of 1,800 joules. Now, I just need to clean up all those cords.
an Addtam wall charger installed at a bedside outlet and connected to a digital alarm clock and smartphone
A second USB wall adapter was installed in the bedroom near the nightstand, which makes it convenient to plug in an electric blanket and an alarm clock while charging the phone — and still have outlets left over.
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