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Discovering the Unique Charm of Local Experiences with Harvest Hosts

by | Nov 24, 2023 | RVEXPERT, Sponsored

This program offers RVers access to a network of more than 4,500 wineries, farms, breweries, museums and other extraordinary attractions where you can park your RV for a night.
As you embark on the grand adventure that is RVing, you’re not just purchasing a vehicle — you’re embracing a lifestyle that is as unique as the destinations you’ll explore. There’s so much more to RVing than just finding places to camp and enjoy the outdoors; the main benefit to RVing is that you can immerse yourself in local experiences, cultures and communities.

For RVers who are seeking out those kinds of experiences on their RV trips, Harvest Hosts is the perfect companion.

close view of a white Alpaca, in the background sits a parked camper van surrounded by trees

Harvest Hosts is a program that offers RVers access to a network of more than 4,500 wineries, farms, breweries, museums and other unique attractions where you can park your RV for a night or two. It’s a symbiotic relationship — hosts offer RVers a place to stay, and in return, RVers are encouraged to patronize the hosts’ business.

With Harvest Hosts, you can spend the night within the lush vineyards of Napa Valley, or wake up to the rustling sounds of a pecan orchard in Georgia. These aren’t your typical crowded campgrounds; these are experiences that allow you to taste the essence of each locale, engage with local producers, learn about their craft and have one-of-a-kind experiences.

RVing is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. It’s a lifestyle that rewards the curious and the adventurous. Think about it: everyone who dives into the world of RVing is seeking that taste of freedom and discovery. Yet, ironically, many never venture beyond the standard fare of commercial campsites. Harvest Hosts ensures that taking the first step towards more authentic experiences is not only easy but also immensely fulfilling.

close view of a hand holding a glass of chilled wine, out of focus in the background are many parked RVs and camper vans
With Harvest Hosts, you’re not just finding a spot to park; you have the opportunity to engage with local communities. You can spend your days exploring a small town’s hidden gems, your evenings sipping locally-made wine and your nights under a canopy of stars, far from the hustle of everyday life. It’s about enhancing your RV lifestyle with moments that turn into cherished memories.

Harvest Hosts encourages a respectful RVing culture. It’s about being a good guest, fostering relationships with your hosts and other Harvest Hosts members who might be staying there, and leaving a place a little better than you found it. This responsible approach is what makes the RVing community so welcoming — and why so many hosts are eager to open their properties to Harvest Hosts Members. When joining Harvest Hosts, you’re not just navigating roads less traveled — you’re becoming part of a broader community, one that values experiences over amenities. It’s a step towards redefining what it means to simply “camp” and a leap into a world where each stop is a story, each host is a friend, and every experience is as unique as the RV lifestyle itself.

a woman stands at the door of a small camper in a rural field beside a hill covered with trees, the camper is hitched to an SUV with a kayak on top and the woman smiles while holding a small breed dog
So, as you set out on your RV journey, remember that your “home on wheels” is more than a mode of transport — it’s a key to unlocking a world of unique experiences. Let Harvest Hosts guide you to the roads less traveled, the towns ripe for exploration and the lifestyle you deserve to live — and, for a limited time, enjoy 30% off your membership!

Welcome to the tapestry of RVing, where every stitch is an adventure waiting to be savored.

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