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Light Up Your Life

by | May 19, 2022 | Cool Gear, RVEXPERT

It’s not exactly a new concept — wearable headlamps have been around a long time — but the All Perspectives Induction Headlamp is one that will add versatility to any campsite or repair scene.

A flashlight is probably the most common tool found in RVs. There are dozens of uses for extra portable light, and flashlights make it possible to navigate dark places like inside storage areas, engine compartments, sidewalks — you get the picture. Unfortunately, humans only have two hands, so working on projects (or carrying groceries) where extra light is needed can be frustrating when having to use one hand the hold a flashlight. Headlamps, though, are practical tools; just ask outdoorspeople who attach them to their hats or foreheads to move around at night.

I’ve used headlamps for years, and most of them are unwieldly and only provide basic, focused lighting — not to mention wrestling with drooping headbands. But that’s before the All Perspectives Induction Headlamp came on the scene. You have got to love the names overseas companies dream up.

wearing the headband lamp to see while using a drill
Tech Director Bill Gehr dons the headlamp he purchased from a different source. The flexible rubber strap is infinitely adjustable and super comfortable — and stays put even with vigorous head movement. Wearing the headlamp makes it possible to use both hands, and see clearly, when working on projects in dark areas.
a close-up view of the headlamp
The control box is integrated into the headband and features a secondary spotlight for use in areas where a focused beam is needed (like working on close-up repair projects in dark locations). One button is used to turn on the strip LED and spotlight; hold down the button and the spotlight will flash rapidly. The other button activates the motion sensor.

I came across this headlamp while watching an ad from FlexBeam ( on a YouTube video. After I received the headlamp (for which I paid $39.95 plus $8.99 shipping), a little web searching revealed that this headlamp is also offered through of number of other sources, including Amazon, with prices ranging from $15 to $50. I can’t vouch for whether the cheaper models are the real deal, but after I told RV Enthusiast Technical Director Bill Gehr about this headlamp, he ordered one from a different company and the product looked the same, albeit for the color — and he paid $10 less.

Gehr and I quickly discovered that this is the most versatile flashlight we’ve ever used for projects around the RV — and the COB LED strip emits a tremendous amount of light, spread over a 230-degree field, which illuminates a lot of area. The strip light is said to be rated at 1,200 lumens, but when it comes to products from China, you can’t always count on accurate ratings. The box that mine came in “boasted” 350 lumens, but my experience with LED flashlights made me believe that the advertised 1,200 lumen figure is closer to reality. Nevertheless, the light is fantastic and under real-world conditions the rechargeable battery lasts for a long time — supposedly for up to eight hours on the lowest light level. The headlamp can be recharged via the included Type C USB cable that can be plugged in to a phone, car or laptop charger, etc.

showing the lamp off
showing the lamp on after waving the hand
The strip light can be turned On and Off by waving your hand across the motion sensor in the control box. This is a cool feature that really comes in handy, especially when your hands are in use or greasy.

This headlamp is also full of features — including a flexible rubber adjustable headband that is extremely comfortable — and is designed for all shapes and sizes of heads, with or without a hat. And, it stays put, even with vigorous head movement. The coolest feature is the motion sensor that turns the strip light On and Off by waving your hand over the control box integrated into the headband. It’s activated initially by a second button — and it really works. A spotlight for more pinpoint illumination is also built into the control box, triggered by cycling the same button that turns on the strip light. The strip and spotlights each have two levels of brightness.

I’m not sure if the quality issue will hold true for all the others on the market, but the headlamp Gehr bought seems to perform equally as well. A few words of caution: This light is very bright and, like most bright flashlights these days, can cause temporary blindness if shined into your eyes (or your dog’s) directly when in close proximity to the LEDs.

I found this headlamp to be indispensable for strolling around camp at night and for making repairs in dark areas — and the quality actually exceeded expectations.

a close-up view of the buttons
When folded, the headlamp takes up very little space and is extremely lightweight for a device packed with features.
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