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RV Power: The Top 5 Myths About RV Lithium Batteries

by | Mar 1, 2024 | RVEXPERT, Sponsored

Tired of dead batteries when boondocking? Hate the sound of an A/C generator interrupting the tranquility of the outdoors? Simply looking for more power from your power system? Upgrading from lead acid to lithium is one of the most effective ways to check all those boxes.

As with any new technology, much information is circulating about lithium batteries — and not all of it is accurate. Let’s look at some common lithium-power myths to see if they’re fact, fiction — or somewhere in between.

Myth #1 — Lithium technology is unsafe

Lithium battery technology has improved by leaps and bounds since its introduction into the RV world. Today, the most popular chemistry used for RV batteries — lithium iron phosphate (or LiFePO4) — is much safer than its predecessors.

With built-in safety features and smart features, quality lithium batteries are also tested to rigorous standards to certify their safety.

Verdict — FICTION

quarter view of a Sun Cycle Advanced 100AH Lithium Battery from Go Power!

The new Sun Cycle Advanced 100AH Lithium Battery from Go Power! is a lightweight, Bluetooth-enabled LiFePo4 battery that can be wired in series or parallel and — among other features — boasts auto-cell balancing for larger battery banks.

Myth #2 — Installation location is inconsequential for lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are expensive, and RVers will likely want to protect their investment. One way to do that is to consider where you install your new lithium batteries carefully.

Lithium batteries perform much better in insulated compartments with regulated temperatures. While most RV battery boxes rest on the tongue of the RV, in a passthrough or vented storage compartment, lithium batteries are compact, can be mounted in different orientations, and don’t require special venting.

This makes them adaptable to move inside your RV (like under a dinette or bed).

Verdict — FACT

Myth #3 — Lithium batteries can power an air conditioner while off-grid

While it’s true that lithium batteries can power RV air conditioners off-grid, the duration will vary wildly by the use case and RV type.

While lithium can power an AC, the duration will depend on the available power, the battery capacity, AC unit size, ambient temperature and the amount of solar used to offset the power draw need to be considered. It’s best to work with your RV dealer or Mobile Power Expert to help size the system best for you.

Verdict — FACT

Myth #4 — Upgrading to lithium solely involves swapping batteries

Lithium battery upgrades are often pitched as straightforward replacements — but the fact is, considerations extend beyond the battery itself.

Additional components may need to be updated: battery chargers, power inverters and solar charge controllers must all be lithium-compatible to make the switch. Neglecting this aspect can lead to potential battery damage.

Verdict — FICTION

close front view of a 300AH Advanced Lithium Battery from Go Power!

The ideal cornerstone for any RV mobile power system, the Go Power! 300AH Advanced Lithium Battery has a built-in smart DC heater, is Bluetooth-enabled and incorporates an internal battery management system to protect against over- and under-voltage and temperature, charge and discharge over current and short circuit.

Myth #5 — Lithium batteries aren’t worth the cost

While RV lithium batteries are a substantial upfront investment, their benefits justify the cost for many enthusiasts. They offer double the available capacity as a regular lead-acid battery. They’re a lightweight, high-capacity, long-lasting upgrade built for performance and longevity — we’re talking 10+ years of use!

Lithium batteries will save more money over time despite their initial expense when you factor in replacements, plug-ins and maintenance.

On the other hand, if you only use your RV a few weeks out of the year, a good-quality, deep-cycle AGM battery may meet all of your requirements.

Verdict — It Depends

Ready to make the switch?

Go Power! has been a leader in mobile power since 1996. With products that offer performance that’s second to none, innovation that’s always ahead of the curve and support that’s got your back, Go Power! lithium batteries are the top choice for a reliable upgrade.

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