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Skip the Noisy Parking Lot Overnights

by | Apr 28, 2022 | RVEXPERT, Sponsored

Harvest Hosts offers members truly unique and memorable camping experiences — from wineries to museums — to enjoy during your travels

Have you ever pictured yourself waking up to the sunrise over golden-lit vineyards, parking your RV amongst columns of lavender — or perhaps enjoying pizza and brews with your own bed just steps away? All of these experiences — and so many more — can be shared through Harvest Hosts, a membership club for RVers offering overnight RV camping at more than 3,000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, golf courses and other unique attractions.

an airstream parked at a grape vineyard at the sun rises
Imagine waking up to this sort of idyllic scene instead of a noisy asphalt big-box parking lot. Or, being just steps away from a museum, farm, botanical garden or thousands of other locations.

For just $99 per year, Harvest Hosts members can choose from thousands of truly unique locations to park their self-contained RVs for the night — inspiring and serene settings not otherwise available to campers. For an additional $40 per year, members can add more than 400 golf courses and expand their network.

Want more? Members also have the option to upgrade their current plan to Boondockers Welcome, adding another 3,000+ locations. That’s right — there are in excess of 6,000 amazing locations inside of the Harvest Hosts network!

“Harvest Hosts is a great resource for RVers, especially full-timers like myself. And as most parks charge $40 and up, a membership quickly pays for itself.”
— Michael Miller

Most Host locations are also friendly to leashed pets and offer experiences that the entire family can enjoy. When searching online for the perfect Host location, members can see all the restrictions and amenities offered, including maximum rig length, unique offerings (pumpkin patch, music, restaurant offerings, picnic area, and more), pet friendliness and even the occasional availability of electrical hookups or water offerings. And, let’s face it, spending an evening on the grounds of a family farm or winery seems a lot safer than a big-box parking lot.

The best part? Harvest Hosts overnight stays come at no additional cost to the member while offering a huge variety of off-the-beaten-path experiences. Members are encouraged to support the business that is hosting them — but this is typically not difficult to do when avoiding the cost of an overnight campground stay and, instead, stocking up on delicious wines, cheeses and more at the Host location. And, since it is not uncommon for members to befriend and/or learn about their Hosts’ winery or farm, these stays offer the exact type of sought-after experiences that tend to convince RVers to hit the road in the first place!

Harvest Hosts RV being pulled by a black truck by rows of grapes
Yes, the rig is ours — because we are RVers, too — but it can just as easily be yours pictured in such surroundings!

If you are looking for a unique RVing experience that the entire family can enjoy, look no further. With thousands of locations available, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. For a glimpse at the small-town, hidden gems of Real America, consider a Harvest Hosts membership for your family.

“This is a wonderful way to see the country and meet new people. Very excited to continue to use Harvest Hosts and see what new adventures come my way!”
— Pamela Jones

Our mission with Harvest Hosts is simple: We feel that RVing provides a sense of ultimate freedom — which most people seek and not enough find. As cheesy as it sounds, we think we can help a lot of people live happier lives if we can get them off of their couch and onto the open road, connecting them with unique businesses all around North America.

Start your adventure today — with 15% off of a Harvest Hosts membership using the code ENTHUSIAST at!

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