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by | Mar 22, 2024 | Cool Gadgets, RVEXPERT

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The Turbo Jet Pressure Washer is a simple tool that pressurizes water though a garden hose and makes cleaning vehicles and patios less of a chore.

Years ago, I discovered a gadget at an RV show that claimed to turn an ordinary water hose into a high-pressure sprayer. The “pitch” sounded good, so, of course, I bought one. It was called a “Water Jet” and it was a rather crude wand with a common water hose connection, an industrial-style valve on one end and a nozzle on the other—actually two interchangeable nozzles, one for high pressure and the other designed to provide a fan spray. It worked great.

For years it was buried in my storage compartment, only to be “rediscovered” each time I changed RVs. Recently, I saw a similar product at a home-improvement store under the Turbo Jet Power Washer nameplate with “As Seen On TV” credentials. It seemed to be the same basic concept, only refined somewhat and packaged differently. Naturally, I bought another one having lost the high-pressure nozzle on my original wand. (I also have a real pressure washer that runs on 120-volt AC power, but it’s not convenient to take with me on trips.)

the Turbo Jet Power Washer in its packaging

The Turbo Jet Power Washer is attached to the packaging card with clamps. At first the wand looked like it was bent, but that was intentional to allow for pointing to the ground without bending over.

The Turbo Jet is amazingly similar to my old wand and there are quite a few other such products on the market under different names, but the concept and execution are the same. While it’s a stretch to say that the Turbo Jet (or other brands of wands) can actually substitute for a real power washer, it does come in handy for a number of cleaning projects — and it performs better than a typical water hose nozzle. I read claims on the Internet that this type of wand can generate as much as 120 pounds of pressure, which is far from the performance of a conventional power washer. I haven’t verified this number. Nevertheless, it’s well worth the $19.99 price tag on Amazon and in home improvement stores. And it takes up very little space.

The Turbo Jet Power Washer measures 33 inches long, which thankfully limits bending over when spraying patios or other low objects. It’s made of aluminum, and while the adjustable control valve is basic it does a good job of regulating the water flow. The high-pressure nozzle provides a forceful, targeted stream of water, which is good for removing concentrated dirt from wheels/tires and the wheelwells of any vehicle, for example. The other nozzle provides a wide fan spray (at a reduced pressure) that covers larger areas and is perfect for cleaning vehicles and patios. It should not affect painted surfaces and/or decals. While this wand will help make cleaning an entire RV easier, you will need to be cognizant of RV park rules that prohibit washing vehicles on the site. Be aware, too, of hard water that can create spotting on any finish. If you have a leaf blower, this problem can be mitigated.

close view of the targeted nozzle attachment for the Turbo Jet Power Washer
close view of the fan nozzle attachment for the Turbo Jet Power Washer
Two nozzles are supplied with the wand: one for a more targeted, strong flow of water and another that provides a fan-type pattern for more coverage. Make sure the second nozzle is screwed onto the handle before purchasing and is always in place between usage. It’s easy to misplace the second nozzle — I can attest to that.
top view of the Turbo Jet Power Washer control valve
The control valve is rather crude, but it works well, especially for those with large hands and/or restricted by arthritis. It regulates the flow of water, which is important when switching to other cleaning projects.
a heavy duty trucks rear driver wheel well being sprayed with the Turbo Jet Power Washer with the targeted nozzle attached
A strong flow of water through the high-pressure nozzle makes it practical to clean built-up or hardened dirt quickly. I use it to clean the wheelwells on my truck and remove mud and brake dust off tires and wheels. Just make sure to direct the stream away from decals and other delicate items.
a drive way is sprayed with the Turbo Jet Power Washer with the fan nozzle attached
The fan pattern is great for covering large areas, like RV sidewalls and patios. Be aware of vehicle washing restrictions in an RV park, but it’s great for cleaning tables and chairs (and even mud off shoes). You’ll undoubtedly find dozen of uses for this wand.

If you want to make this wand even more versatile, consider hooking it to one of those “Seen On TV” hoses that expand when the water is turned on and retract automatically when the water is turned off. These hoses are lightweight and take up little space. Add quick-connect fittings to make it even more convenient.

hands holding a hose and the Turbo Jet Power Washer move to attach the two
Consider using quick connectors for attaching and removing the wand.
a hand holds a wound and easily handled retractable hose with the Turbo Jet Power Washer attached
Rather than fumble with the hookup water hose, I dedicated another “As Seen On TV” product, — a lightweight self-expanding and retracting hose — which is easy to maneuver and store. These hoses can be found online and in home-improvement stores.

Cleaning is not my favorite activity, so anything that can make the jobs more palatable, like the Turbo Jet Pressure Washer, will be on my wish list. Funny how gadgets recycle over time.

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