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This Zarcor Universal Drink Holder Really Works

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Cool Gadgets, RVEXPERT

Sitting on a camp chair, relaxing with a cold drink in your hand, presents the age-old problem of what to do with that glass between sips.
Cup holders are everywhere — including in a tow vehicle, motorhome and even in couch arm rests — but I’ve found that those on camp chairs are usually for show only. Most of the time these flimsy fabric or thin plastic cup holders end up toppling the drink and have limited versatility when it comes to cup size. Zarcor, an accessory company out of Addison, Texas, offers a Universal Drink Holder that solves all the inherent issues associated with a chair-mounted apparatus. It’s stout, can handle just about any type of bottle, can, cup or even wine glass, and it’s attached to a gimbal that prevents accidental spilling.

Mounting the Universal Drink Holder is a no-brainer: No tools required. A hanger pad is simply attached to a convenient spot on the chair using the integrated wing nut clamp (similar to those used on automotive hoses). The clamp is opened and wrapped around a suitable rail/tube — typically one that’s part of the folding operation of the chair — and the wing nut is tightened. It’s best to leave the clamp somewhat loose, attach the cup holder and then make adjustments while sitting in the chair and holstering your favorite cup. Once a comfortable location (one that is easy to reach without calisthenics) is set, the wing nut is tightened to prevent most movement. That’s it — you’re done.

attaching the mounting gear
A round extrusion, mounted to the hanger pad, provides the mechanism for attaching the cup holder.
close up of attaching
The hanger pad is attached to a convenient location on the chair using a hose clamp with a plastic wing nut, eliminating the need for tools.

The cup holder is made of strong plastic and slides on the extruded round fitting attached to the hanger pad, which means it can be easily removed before storing folding chairs in a bag. When seated, the holder is able to rock back and forth, but cannot be dislodged from the hanger without a purposeful upward movement. The gimbal arrangement compensates for any unlevel mounting position of the hanger, keeping the drink vessel in a vertical attitude and preventing spills.

a look at the cup holder attached
When installing, it’s best to leave the hanger pad loose enough to be moved, allowing perfect positioning of the cup holder while sitting in the chair. Once set, the hose clamp can be tightened.
showing the swivel feature with a cup in the holder
Gimbal feature means the holder will remain vertical and keep cups from being thrown out if accidentally bumped. The Zarcor Universal Drink Holder can accept just about any can, cup or bottle, including wine glasses with long stems and large coffee cups.

A unique design, using upper and lower slotted round arms, provides a universal platform for cans, bottles or cups while also allowing wine glasses to slip in and be stabilized. It’s a clever design and maybe the best such device on the planet. After years of service on folding chairs, the Zarcor Universal Drink Holder has proven to be extremely durable. It’s been tossed around and squashed among other heavy items in the storage compartment and only one time was the hanger pad damaged — when an overly frisky dog crashed into the chair. Replacement pads are available for $4.95. Cup holders, with the hanger, are available in white or black and sell for $24.95 — and are made in the USA.

The word, “universal” seems to be thrown around too much these days, and in many cases is just advertising hype, but this description rings true with the Zarcor drink holder. It’s easy to hang out under the awning with a cup of coffee by your side, change to a soda can later in the day and slide in a wine glass in the evening, without making any adjustments. Outside couch potatoes, rejoice.

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