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by | Apr 20, 2022 | RVEXPERT, Sponsored

Longtime USWC contract holders the Jamesons

USWC service contracts provide comprehensive coverage, affordable rates — and world-class service

If there’s anything worse for a camper than to have their RV suffer from component failure that prematurely ends a long-planned family outing, it’s finding out how expensive the repairs will be.

No, scratch that — there is something worse: Finding out after the fact that the service contract purchased for the RV doesn’t cover the cost of the repairs.

Service contracts are important — especially considering the cost of today’s towable and motorized units — but they aren’t all created equal.

What should you look for in a solid service contract?

Benefit From Being Part of a Nationally Recognized Service Contract Provider

With the lack of inventory and the increase of used sales on the rise, customers oftentimes purchase vehicles with no remaining original factory warranty (OFW). This is where protecting your investment comes in. Look for nationally recognized providers that are accepted in the United States and Canada — and check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. The BBB is a private organization that provides the public with information on businesses and charities. It also handles consumer complaints; the rating is a gauge for how quickly the business reacts to the complaint or compliment and a resolution/explanation was offered.

In addition, read the contract — especially the exclusions and claims process sections. For consistency, nationally recognized providers must follow specific protocols. Most have a preauthorization process whereby if you don’t contact the service contract provider before the work is commenced, they are within their right to deny the claim. Always keep a copy of the contract and your registration page with you. Like the saying goes, “Don’t leave home without it.”

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Save Money

Having a service contract will mitigate costly and inflationary parts and labor charges. This alone can lead to massive financial savings — you avoid paying big bucks and the fall-out from the lack of technicians and pricey replacement parts (and we haven’t even touched on the overall frustration caused by all the inconveniences). Look for service contract providers that are available 24/7 with the ability to speak to a live person not an automated chat bot.

Speaking of those 24/7 emergency service calls, making sure your deductible is not itemized per component is very important when looking to save money. If you are not a full timer, does the provider offer a no cost winterization benefit? Many providers offer help with roadside/seaside assistance — including towing, flat tire repair, battery jumps and the dreaded lost keys. The “key” here is making sure the benefit is of no cost to you. Since service contracts are not insurance, reading up to understand your exact roadside assistance coverage is critical before a trip.

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Get Better, Faster Service

If you have a service contract with a well-known reputable company, repair shops that have worked with them know the preauthorization process; the adjusters will negotiate rates on your behalf and pay the repair shop immediately.

Having an advocate on your side within the service contract provider gets you out of being the “middleman.” Let the provider do the negotiating. It should have claims adjusters available 24/7 to help you when you need it; paying the repair shop immediately

At United States Warranty Corporation, we ensure vehicles get the servicing they need — at prices owners can afford. Our goal is to ensure every contract holder feels safe and secure. We’ve been protecting our customers from costly repairs for more than 40 years and work hard to:

  • Educate owners on exactly what each service contract does — and does not — cover.
  • Answer every question with full transparency and clarity.
  • Process all claims quickly, efficiently and honestly.
  • Help with locating the right parts and top-notch providers for repairs.
  • Support owners through the entire process — even if an item isn’t covered.

Purchasing a service contract with your motorized or towable vehicle might seem hard to justify — but remember: The right service contract will mitigate future problems, save you money in the long run and get you on the road faster. Act by looking at your options. Not all service contract/warranty companies are the same.

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United States Warranty Corporation, Cleveland Ohio, specializes in the design and administration of outdoor recreation vehicle service contracts since 1975. USWC offers an expansive range of coverage on towables, hybrids and Class A, B and C motorhomes. USWC also covers motorcycles (new & used), scooters, ATVs/UTVs, personal watercraft and boats. Your dealer, being accepted to represent USWC, solidifies first-class sales and service, providing the consumer advantages. Not affiliated with United States Warranty Corp. of Florida.

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